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We all have things sitting in our cupboards or garage that we don't use often but still want to hang onto for those times when we will need them. Instead of these things just gathering dust, why not share with your local community? Loaning your things is a great way to build connections with your neighbours and help reduce consumption. 

Here are some examples of things you could list on Share Shed's online catalogue and share from your own home:

  • Trailer

  • Costumes

  • Life jackets

  • Ladder

  • Bikes

  • Kayak

  • Cement mixer

  • Stand up paddle board

  • Vinyl cutter

  • High pressure cleaner

  • Hiking backpack

  • Fridge trolley

If you have things to contribute, use the form below to send us the details of your items and your preferred contact and we will add them to the Share Shed's online catalogue.

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