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Share Shed Bassendean is a not-for-profit, volunteer run "library of things".


Members get free access to a range of extremely useful but infrequently used communal items from lawnmowers to camping gear without the need to purchase them for individual use.

Share Shed Bassendean | Borrow Don't Buy

We seek to promote a more circular economy, limit excess consumption and waste, and build a robust local sharing economy where borrowing is a better option than buying.

Share Shed Bassendean | Borrow Don't Buy


It is kinder to our planet
A simple way to be more sustainable
Our earth cannot continue to support our consumer culture.
Borrowing or repairing items you don't use often reduces the amount of things that are produced and resources that end up in landfill as waste.

Grow a culture of sharing
Be part of shifting our culture from consumerism to communal sharing. The more we share, the better it is for our planet. 
It brings people together
Run by community volunteers
The Share Shed is run entirely by local volunteers who want to help build a strong, resilient community in Bassendean. Participating in the sharing economy reminds us that we are all connected and helps form links with our wider community.

Share equipment and skills
List items that you own and are willing to share with your neighbours
The Share Shed is run by the Bassendean Repair Cafe Inc., whose volunteers are motivated to share their skills with the community.
It's more affordable & convenient

Cut down on clutter by buying less stuff 
Having lots of stuff can be really stressful. Instead of cluttering your cupboards and shed with purchases you won’t use often, borrow the shared items when you need them. ​​


Access equipment for less
It makes our society more equitable when everyone can afford the things they need and want. 

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