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The Share Shed aims to help build a strong, connected and inclusive local community.  Membership is currently free and open to anyone who lives in the "Town of Bassendean". This covers the suburbs of Ashfield, Eden Hill and Bassendean.

If you live outside the boundary we welcome you to join, and also ask you to commit to volunteering at our busy bee sessions at least once every four months so that you can become part of our community.

Members can loan any of the items in our inventory at no charge.

Create An Account

  • Share Shed uses the MyTurn software to catalogue our equipment. To become a member you will first need to create a MyTurn account.

  • The first time you borrow equipment we will ask you to confirm your identity and address verified with photo ID. 

Browse & Reserve Items

  • Log in to you account and browse the items available for loan.

  • Reserve those you want to borrow for the dates that you need them. 

Collect Your Reserved Items

Use Your Share Shed Items

  • We want to make sure you stay safe, so please ensure that you have the skills to use any potentially dangerous equipment and always consult the user manual.

  • It is also important to make sure you have any necessary personal protective equipment.

  • If you need to extend your loan you can do so in your MyTurn account if the items have not been reserved by another member.



Return Your Items

  • You will receive a reminder email when your items are due for return

  • Drop them off during the Share Shed opening hours. Items are not to be left outside the Share Shed building out of hours. 

  • Please ensure that items are clean, working and have all components upon return. 

  • We understand that accidents sometimes do happen.  If there is damage to a loan item please ensure that you let the volunteers know about the issue as soon as possible and upon return so that it can be repaired before being loaned out to the next person who wants to use it.


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